Simplicity sells

The data shows that 70% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods and services from companies that place an emphasis on simplicity. Simplicity is about strong, consistent brand identity. Products that are easy to use and navigate. A brand that speaks in clear, everyday language that is relatable and in tune with their audience’s values.

In a world with a dizzying amount of information on everything from the news to shoes, and more abundant choices than ever before, people consistently gravitate toward brands that make their choice easier. 

The same goes for brands with simple websites that use straightforward, clear design to say exactly what they’re about and make it easy for their audience to make a quick decision to spend their money there.

The most successful brands know that consumers want to be able to make an easy purchasing decision. The companies making huge sales are the ones tapping into consumers’ desire for peer-approved products and services that are easy to use and understand and deliver consistent quality. 

Consumers value choice, not complexity. They want products and services that deliver on a clear promise. And they notice and remember brands that stand for something true and clear. Fifty per cent of shoppers have already made their decision before they walk into the store. That means your brand should already be resonating with them before they’ve started strolling the aisle. 

Simple, considered design and messaging will help your organization achieve the clarity and authenticity your audience craves. 


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Why simplicity sells.
Reveal true purpose.
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Our Truth & Simplicity™ solutions cut through the clutter to find the essentials. We then translate them into an effective and simple brand that conveys messages with clarity and impact.




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